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Rhegaer the Red


.~-= Rhegaer (the Red)=-~.

Race : Man
Alignment : Neutral

Class & Levels : Fighter 3
Experience Points : 5190
XP Bonus : 5%
Experience Points w/Bonus: 5464
Hit Dice : 3d6
Hit Points : 11

Armour Class : 3/4 (front/rear)
Saving Throw :
Poison : 12
Wands/Rays : 13
Paralyzation/Petrifaction : 14
Breath : 15
Spells : 16

Rhegaer hails from Port Lazil, on Upper Trinity. At least, that is where his memory begins. He has no recollection of his life prior to the last two years, when he was found lashed to a make-shift raft, floating down one of the main trade lanes just outside the port, by a merchant vessel. The only injury local healers could find was a partially-healed depression on the side of his head, which appeared to be caused by a forceful blow. His only possession was a hand axe, strapped to his belt, with intricate etchings on the blade and "RHEGAER" carved into the handle, just below the axe head.

After regaining consciousness, he soon recovered physically, but has been forever plagued with headaches and the loss of memory of his life from before he was found in the water.

The ship's captain, in need of a strong back, offered him work as a farm hand. He accepted. After most of two years, he'd saved enough money to outfit himself with armour and gear. After saying his goodbyes, he set off to try and find out about his past - his only clue being a name and some designs carved into an axe...

STR : 15 (+1)
INT : 06 (-1)
WIS : 10 (--)
DEX : 15 (+1)
CON : 13 (--)
CHA : 11 (--)

Hand Axe
Short Bow
Quiver w/20 Arrows
- Rations, iron, 7 days
- (2) large sacks
- Tinderbox
- (6) torches
- wine flask
Old Lantern

63 gp
0 sp
0 cp
3 rubies @ 100gp each


+1 Flametongue : Arvenil Deathfire In 12 Ego: 15; Speaks: Neutral, Dwarven, Draconic; Detects Gold, Silver and Secret Doors; Purpose: Slay Dragons

- A Dagger made of bone, the hilt is wrapped with some kind of reptile hide maybe alligator and it has silver filagree over the hide covered hilt. Clearly not goblin make, a strange looking thing indeed.
- Leather sack containing 64 sp

Party Treasure being held
- 20gp (from gnoll guards)
Dougal Blackfoot (MV 9", AC 6, HD 1, HP 5/5, FC 1 Man) leather, short sword+main gauche