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.~-= Coln =-~.

Race : Human
Alignment : Neutral

Class & Levels : Fighter 2
Experience Points : 2438
XP Bonus : +5%
Hit Dice : 1d6+3 (determined by class, level, and constitution)
Hit Points : 13 (will be rolled by the ref)

Armour Class : EDIT: 4/4 (forgot Dex) (front/rear)
Saving Throws :

    Poison: 12
    Wands: 13
    Paralysis: 14
    Breath: 15
    Spells: 16

Originally hailing from the King's Keep in the Lower Trinity island, Coln was a city guardsman... but... something must of happened. Any attempt to get what happened out of this hardened survivalist will result in a glare... All you know is that for the past years he has been roughing it alone in the forest, surviving, killing (animals), and thriving.

STR : 14 (--) melee attacks, load limit.
INT : 07 (-1) langs, m-u spells.
WIS : 10 (--) langs, clerical spells.
DEX : 17 (+1) AC, initiative, missile attacks.
CON : 18 (+1) max HD, hp adjustment. (stat maxed - the whole "1 to 6" thing for humans is cool!)
CHA : 9 (--) reaction, henchmen.

Light crossbow
4 African Throwing Knifes
Wavy Short Sword
30 bolts
2 oil flasks
60ft rope
Iron spikes
6 torches
Aurora (Hunting dog - good doggie!)
Nice leather boots
Wolf skin cloak

4 100gp Rubies
0 gp
0 sp
0 cp

Memorised Spells

"Spells are for people who can't aim a crossbow! And as you can probably tell, I CAN aim a crossbow."
"Role, not roll. People who can't accept that in D&D prove that, irl, they can't accept actually THINKING their way to a reward - they want everything to be fast and perfect. That's why real men play OD&D :p" -Me