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The Master (PC Class)

The Master (as in Teacher)

Masters are philosopher-warriors who seek peerless perfection in one fighting technique. A master must be literate* for his studies extend deep into the philosophical musings of past Masters. He must study these writings and practice the arts therein rigorously each day in order to progress his chosen technique.

At 1st through 6th levels a master is called a padawan. At 7th and 8th levels he is called a prodigy. At 9th level and above he is called a Master. He has the use of daggers and staves as well as any one hand-to-hand combat weapon of his choice--mastery of this single weapon will be his life's work. If his chosen weapon is a sword it must be a specific type of sword.

                           Master Progression
         Experience            S a v i n g   T h r o w   V e r s u s
Master     Points    Hit            Wands    Paralysis    Breath
 Level    Required   Dice   Poison   Rays  Petrification  Weapon  Spells
   1             0    1       11      12         14         16      15
   2         1,500    2       10      11         13         15      14
   3         3,000   2+1      10      11         13         15      14
   4         6,000    3        9      10         12         14      13
   5        12,000    4        9      10         12         14      13
   6        25,000    5        8       9         11         13      12
   7        50,000   5+1       8       9         11         13      12
   8        90,000    6        7       8         10         12      11
   9       160,000    7        7       8         10         12      11
  10       240,000   7+1       6       7          9         11      10
  11       320,000   7+2       6       7          9         11      10
  12       400,000    8        5       6          8         10       9
A Master requires 160,000 experience points per level beyond the 12th.
A Master adds one hit die per three levels beyond the 9th.

He cannot employ armor, shield, nor helm--but at 1st level he is armor class 8 in hand-to-hand combat, and will improve one step with each experience level gained until he is armor class 2 at 7th level. If he has high** wisdom or dexterity he is one level advanced in this regard. If he has high wisdom and high dexterity he is two levels advanced.

A master uses the cleric progression for experience points, hit dice, and saving throws and uses the cleric attack matrix for dagger and staff. However, with his chosen weapon only he has the following advantages:

He uses the fighter attack matrix and, assuming it is in its proper place, can draw his weapon without any delay to combat proceedings. In melee combat versus normal-types he throws one attack roll as a 1 HD type for each of his own hit die. If ever he is struck by surprise he will drop his chosen weapon only on a six-sided die roll of 1.

Should he possess an enchanted weapon his opponents' attack rolls will be penalized by an amount equal to its adjustment. Thus, a spear +1 will cause enemies to attack at −1, a sword +2 will cause enemies to attack at −2, and so on.

Starting at 3rd level he always adds at least 1 hit point of damage to hits (but this does not stack with other damage bonuses) and normal-types count as slowed in melee against him. Furthermore he can parry missile attacks (ignoring counter-strikes and disarmament) and can counter-strike against same-sized weapons when parrying melee attacks.

Starting at 7th level he always adds at least 2 hit points of damage to hits (but these do not stack with other damage bonuses) and is aware of invisible opponents within 3". In single combat only he can roll for an additional "surprise attack" each turn that he does not parry. I.e., assuming he does not parry, he can make an additional "surprise attack" on a six-sided roll of 5-6.

At 9th level he assumes the title Master and will thereafter attract 1-6 padawan learners who will serve in exchange for their tutelage. At this point he begins to create texts detailing his own techniques and experiences so that those who follow after might learn.


* IMC the literacy requirement implies he must "spend" one of his additional languages on literacy--and therefore must have at least one additional language to spend, and hence a minimum of 11 intelligence.

** In OD&D-terms any ability score of 13 or more is considered to be high.

3.4% of characters generated by six throws of 3d6 as they fall will have 11+ int, 13+ wis, and 13+ dex.
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